As with any exercise program, you assume certain risks to your health and safety by following Reuben Brooks Fitness. Any form of exercise can cause injuries if the exercises are performed incorrectly, and Reuben Brooks Fitness is no exception. It is possible that you may become injured doing the exercises in this program, especially if they are done with poor form. Reuben offers a 30 Day, 100% money-back guarantee — within 30 Days of your purchase you can return the program for any reason if you are not satisfied with the results. However, Reuben cannot guarantee your results with Reuben Brooks Fitness. It is possible that you will not lose fat, gain muscle, or get ab definition with this program. It is also possible that you will gain fat, lose muscle, and lose ab definition. Reuben’s story, and the stories of the clients you see on this page are real. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with the program. They are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated clients can do with the program. Your results may vary, and you may not get the same results when using this program due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation. Reuben is not a medical doctor or registered dietician. His advice is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet program.