Meal prepping has been on the forefront of weight loss and bodybuilding since the Arnold era and even decades before, so why in the world would I say I don’t meal prep anymore?


It’s simple meal prepping is OVERRATED!


Slaving over a hot stove cooking a whole pack of 10 lbs worth of chicken, microwaving a whole bag of broccoli, and putting acupunctures into my sweet potatoes are for the birds.


I’m tired of it and I know you are to!


I know you’re probably thinking, Reuben what are you talking about? You said it yourself that you can’t get the body you want without having your meals prepped and ready to go.


Well… to be honest this is still very true!




Meal prepping and having prepped meals are two different things.


Let me explain.


I recently just partnered with a company based out of Atlanta called Life Convenience. They prepare the meals for you and deliver them to your front doorstep.


I was a little skeptical about this at first. Honestly, I never had a week worth of food delivered to my doorstep (unless we’re talking about my college days with cold pizza but that’s a different story).


When the food arrived I was first in shock by the presentation of the food and then in more of an awe of how good it tasted.


All I had to do was warm up the food and it was ready for me to eat. It was PERFECTLY seasoned not to spicy and far from being sodium heavy.


This has given me the ability to free up 4 hours of my Sunday ritual of meal prepping and now I can do better things like provide great content on my website for you!


If you know me you know my motto is smarter not harder. Well… this fits the motto damn near perfectly.


For Only a limited time get my discount and get 10 meals under 100$. Click Here


Now you get to save money and have non processed gourmet food on hand! Now how cool is that!

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For help with meal prepping and to get meals delivered to your front door check out Life Convenience and get the APPROVED discount:  GET MEALS NOW


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