If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how do I track my macros, I would probably be in Dubai somewhere chilling on a yacht.

This is by far one of THE most popular questions that I encounter with my clients. So to remove all doubt from the mind about tracking your macros I decided to create this simple easy guide with some handy examples to go along with it.  


Where do I start?

When getting started with calculating your macros you need to first calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

Your TDEE is the amount of calories you burn in a day. The only thing you have to do is eat less than this and you will lose weight, eat more of than this and you will gain weight. Simple, right?


Not sure if you noticed how big the however is?

I've found that losing weight and losing fat can be two different things. This means if you only pay attention to the calories you can also lose muscle. This is why paying attention to the macro ratio is so important.

Try out my special Macro Calculator here.

The Formula

The Mifflin, M.D., St Jeor Formula, in my personal opinion, is one of the most respected formula methods used to calculate your TDEE. You will also need to calculate your Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), which is the energy it takes to operate your body when at rest.

For Males:

10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) - 5 x age (y) +5 =REE

For Females:

10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 height (cm) - 5 x age (y) - 161 = REE

Tip: Use order of operations (PEMDAS) to complete equation.

Since we live in the real world and don't spend all day at rest (which on a rainy day Netflix and chill sounds awesome), we next have to figure out movement expenditure or TDEE.


Spend most of the day sitting (e.g. bank teller, desk job) (REE X 1.2)

   Light Activity

Spend a good part of the day on your feet (e.g. teacher, salesman). Any activity that burns an additional 200-400 calories for females or 250-500 calories for males more than your sedentary amount. (REE X 1.375)

   Moderate Activity

Spend a good part of the day doing some physical activity (e.g. waitress, mailman). Any activity that burns an additional 400-650 calories for females or 500-800 calories for males more than your sedentary amount. (REE X 1.55)

   Very Active

Spend most of the day doing heavy physical activity (e.g. bike messenger, carpenter). Any activity that burns more than about 650 calories for females or more than 800 calories for males in addition to your sedentary amount. ( REE X 1.725) 


Try out my special Macro Calculator here.


The next step is learning how to track your food!

Study after study has confirmed the benefits of keeping track of the food you eat and the activity you do. I personally use Myfitnesspal, there are a plethora of apps and websites you can visit to track your food. I have found Myfitnesspal to have one of the larger databases and I just like the ease of use of it.

Sign up and start tracking EVERYTHING you eat! They even have a scanner where you can scan the packaged foods you eat from time to time. 



Pay Attention To The Macros

All you have to do is use the numbers from the calculator and match the numbers up in Myfitnesspal with the foods you eat. Try to keep this at a plus or minus five.


Weigh All Foods

A lot of nutritional information is available on food packaging, however, a scale will ensure you accurately track what you eat.

Tip: Make sure all food is cooked before weighing for better accuracy!

Having this approach when it comes to a weight loss or weight gain has given my clients and I the ability to eat what we want and how we want and still see great results! This is not a diet but yet a lifestyle.

My goal as your coach is not just to teach you how tdo lose weight quick, hell any personal trainer can do that, my goal is to help you develop skills and to teach you the fundamentals so that six months to a year from now the weight is still off.


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