To be honest, on gloomy days like this I love to stay at home, work on meal plans, and sit on my comfortable couch and watch Netflix all day. Then again what day isn’t great for a marathon of Breaking Bad or Scandal? Ok, I just told on myself, I love watching Scandal but can you blame me Olivia Pope is a solid 10.


Anyways, before I go off on a tangent about my slight obsession of Ms. Pope, today I had an opportunity to do some exploring around Atlanta. After watching Georgia demolish Southern University at Twin Peaks in Buckhead I decided to take some pictures at the top of the parking deck. The scenery was beautiful and the rain added for a cool gloomy vibe.


If your ever looking for a great place to eat and watch college football on a Saturday, Twin Peaks was awesome the service was great, the drinks were on point and the food surprisingly tasty, and as a bonus the parking deck has great views over buck head for great blogging pics.