When I first started my fitness journey all I wanted was a six-pack and a nice pair of arms to match. I’m sure the fellas can relate to me on this.


I mean what guy wouldn’t want to look like “THE MAN” on the beach.


Curls for the girls right!


My friends and I lived on that motto as we endlessly tried to pump up our arms before we went out for the night.


But really, can you blame us? Lol We were freshmen in college at the time!


The truth was I didn’t care about any other body part other than my abs and arms, I just wanted to be able to look good on the beach with my shirt off and not be mistaken for Shamu’s brother in law.


So… can you guess what I did to try and get the infamous six-pack?


Countless crunch after crunch, a little bit of side bendy things and some more crunches.

I literally laugh at myself for my ignorance back then.


However, it didn’t seem to be that funny anymore when I started to get emails from soon to be clients that were doing the EXACT same thing as I did when I didn’t know better.


Those emails led me to write this blog post, my goal is to be genuinely honest and completely transparent.


I want to help people that are truly looking for a source of credible answers for their health and fitness journey questions.


One of the most popular questions being, “Reuben how do I target and get rid of belly fat?”


This is a really, really good question and the reason being is that most people don’t know the honest answer to it.


If I got asked that question ten years ago I would’ve told you to do one hundred side bendy things and five hundred crunches.


Here’s the truth,


You can’t target belly fat!


You can only lose overall body fat that results into losing belly fat as well.


Lets Break It Down!


For us to understand how to get rid of belly fat, we must first indicate the fact that we can’t target belly fat alone. Rather, we have to target fat in our body as a whole.


Here are the top three ways for you to get rid of your overall body fat so you can have that summer beach body you’ve always dreamt about.


·      Increase Cardio


Cardio is the best option to lose body fat especially belly fat. Any form of cardio is a great option to lose body fat and weight. However, to build the best body you’re going to need more than just one tool!


·      Adjust Calories


Everyone has a caloric maintenance level of calories. If you go above this caloric level you’ll gain weight, if you go below the maintenance level you’ll lose weight. If you need to find your maintenance level please click HERE to use the macro calculator.


·      Incorporate Resistance Training


Like I said before, it takes more than one tool to build your dream body. Adding weights to the mix is like laying out the foundation for how you want your body to look.


The goal is to keep the shape, or build one if you don’t have one, and lose the weight.


If you’re new to the game I recommend splitting days up into upper body and lower body days. Start with working out four days out of the week with cardio being done three to five times out the week.


In conclusion, we learned…


1)   You can’t target belly fat, only overall body fat.

2)   You need more than one tool to build your dream body.

3)   Side bendy things won’t get you a six-pack unless you incorporate everything from above!


Final thoughts, keep in mind that life is a balancing act and if you have structure to that balance it just gets a little easier!


Sincerely your health & wellness coach!

Reuben Brooks


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