From my experience, people who want to burn 5 pounds quickly resort to doing a detox. Don’t get me wrong, detoxes are great because it cleanses your body BUT if you FOLLOW THESE 3 SIMPLE TIPS, you do not need a detox. You will surely lose those 5 pounds right off the bat!


This differs from person to person BUT THIS DOES WORK and it works very effectively. 


Tip 1:

Cut out added sugar foods and drinks. This can include sodas, juices, teas and coffee with added sugars, and snacks. Lets cut those for 7-14 days and lets see what happens!


After you cut out the unnecessary sugars then increase water intake to about a gallon a day to flush out your system and reduce some bloating and to get rid of toxins.


Just by doing this will not only help you get rid toxins and sodium but will also reduce calorie intake that will make you look like you lose 5 pounds right off the bat! 


Tip 2:

Switch all carbohydrates (carbs) to complex carbs. This does include fruits. I know of people who go on a diet they tend to consume a lot of fruit smoothies and consume a lot of fruits but what they don’t realize is that FRUIT ARE CARBS and it will get stored as fat if you’re not using the energy.


Examples of complex carbs can include oatmeal, sweet potato, brown rice, whole wheat tortilla, and quinoa.

After you made the switch surround those complex carbs at the three most crucial times for your body to absorb them which are breakfast, before your workout, and after your workout anything in between that needs to be lean meats and veggies.


Tip 3.

You’ve got to do your cardio. Increase your cardio and start reducing resting time in between sets at the gym. If you're doing 10 min of cardio up it to 20min etc. It also helps if you change up your cardio. If you’re already walking on the treadmill, I would step out of the box and would do the stair master. If you’re doing the bike, I would try the elliptical or the ropes.


You would also need to change up your workout routine. I always do this when I prepare for fitness competitions or for my clients when they’re on the last phase of my custom work out program. We do lots of super sets with less rests in between each exercise.

This allows your heart rate to justà BOOM sky rocket! That way you’re constantly burning extra calories while you’re working out. That’s what we want- constantly burning.

Reducing resting time in between sets at the gym will be done through circuit training or tabata, this can increase heart rate throughout the workout so you're burning additional calories.

Those are the 3 tips on how to lose 5 pounds in a week. But listen to me closely, the tips above can be done on a consistent and weekly basis. . This means you don't have to do this when you're ONLY trying to get in shape for a vacation, you can do this year round. These are the steps you can do on a weekly basis and create a habit out of them to continue your weight loss progression. This does differ from person to person but the results work phenomenally well.



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