I want to give you my Top 3 Supplements for burning fat. I’m not talking about some kind of tea that will just make you go to the bathroom. I’m talking about REAL natural supplements that burn fat.

1) Green Tea

What’s in the green tea that burns fat? It’s the caffeine. Caffeine increases your energy expenditure. When energy expenditure in increased, it puts you in a more of a caloric deficit! That will allow you to burn fat. It’s very simple! The only thing you have to do is put yourself in a caloric deficit.

2) L-Carnitine

L Carnitine is super cool and it is my secret weapon of supplements in burning fat. L-Carnitine attaches on the fat cells themselves after you ingest it, it shifts fat cells into the mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of the cells, and it burns fat.

Did you know you could actually burn fat as a fat free energy source?

This is why its one of my most popular supplements.

All of this supplements are all natural. You can get them in your local Wholefoods, Walmarts, or wherever you go. You have it in liquid form or in pill form.

3) Protein

Lastly, Protein.


Think about like this, you increase the protein in your body then you build muscle that in returns burns fat. So it’s a win win trade off. So for all the ladies, you will not get bigger- you will actually get sexier you’ll be able to wear that bikini on the beach, you’ll look tone, and lean!

For all the gentlemen you’ll get the biceps, chest, and the dense muscle mass. You’ll get everything to get to look your best because you got some muscles built on you.

You don’t want to just lose weight. For example, jogging is great, doing cardio is awesome. But ultimately, you would want to have some shape. That’s why you have so many people who are so in love with the sport of bodybuilding.

These are my top 3 supplements that I wanted to share with you today. As a recap, it’s Green Tea or Caffeine (either one will work). L Carnitine that actually burns fat as a fat free energy source and Protein.

These are my top 3 tips, but these supplements won’t work unless your diet and workout is in check. Then you have the supplements on top as icing on the cake. You need all 3 keys to be successful in this area.

Have questions about supplements. Comment below! :)

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