Do you know that what you eat after a training session may just be the most important meal you eat all day if you’re looking to build muscle and burn fat? So, before you reward yourself after an intense workout in the gym with a bucket of fries and cheeseburger, think again.

Your body stores excess energy in the form of glycogen and protein. During exercise, your body burns fuel from anything you ate recently then it breaks down into stored glycogen.

After a few hours of working out, your muscles start to use the available protein to rebuild what you lost. But, your body is especially good at absorbing carbs and protein within 45 minutes after your workout. This is what you call the Post- Workout Window (Yes, this is a real thing).

You know here at Reuben Brooks Fitness, we like to sum up things for you. It is essential to know the TOP IDEAL foods to eat to a fast track to weight loss and lean muscle.

Ideally, we encourage you to eat the recommended foods below within an hour of finishing your workout. During which, your muscles are most likely to absorb nutrients most efficiently.

After a workout you need 2 things almost immediately: Protein and Carbs.


Protein from a whole food source is the best protein. Your body is in recovery mode, so you need a protein dense dish. Chicken, lean ground turkey, or fish should be priority. If you can't eat whole food readily, after have a workout try using a whey protein isolate shake. A protein isolate shake would be ideal because of how fast it absorbs in the body.  Shake things up by adding a few slices of fruit and spinach to speed up the digestion process. Protein shake smoothies are an ideal post-workout treat. Be mindful to calculate how much fruit (carbs) are going into your body post workout.



The best time of the day to take in carbohydrates is first thing in the morning with breakfast, before your workout, and after your workout. After a nice work out, your body is depleted of glycogen and glucose. There is a point at which your blood sugar levels (available energy) and glycogen levels (stored energy) get so low after the workout. This is a critical time to replenish what is lost. It is recommended to take in simple carbs post workout. A simple carbohydrate would be best to replenish glycogen levels. This may include white rice, white potatoes, and some fruits.


After exercise, your body needs specific nutrients to repair muscles and stabilize blood sugar. So it is of most importance to take your post workout snacks to the next level by having a customized meal according to your needs! Remember, the right mix of foods can improve your recovery while accelerating your metabolism. The combination between the protein and carbs will help your muscle recover which will ultimately lead to growth with the right calorie intake.