After pigging over the holidays, eating and drinking like there's no tomorrow, you are now dealing with the guilt feeling and a resolve that you will formulate a new year’s fitness resolution. You made a resolution to lose __ number of pounds this year but as always, you are left in the dark as to how to change your ways.

Old habits die hard so I'm here to help you with 3 foolproof, simple, and practical steps to achieve your fitness New Years Resolutions.

1. Include Working Out in Your Schedule

Knowing that life commitments can get in the way of your fitness, the best thing that you can do is to include your workouts in your daily schedule. This makes you prepare ahead of time for potential distractions that may hinder you from your trainings.

Mark your calendars for your work outs the same way you schedule doctor appointments, business meetings, etc. From work, family, loved ones, planned and unplanned events—there’ll always be something that will be needing your time and attention.


2. Be Consistent

One of the most essential part of your fitness journey is developing consistency. It is advisable to not miss more than a couple days in a row if you can.

 At first, this is just a decrease in the positive metabolic aspects, but eventually skipping workouts affects motivation, endurance, and can increase injury. If you want to make exercise a habit, commit to 20-30 minutes a day in the form of walking, weights, or anything just to keep your body moving. Small baby steps may be insignificant when you look at it short term. But in the long run, consistency is the key that will transform your health and life. Remember that life is a game of inches and a quarterback doesn’t throw hail mary's across the field they inch their way to success.


3. Eat Smart!

Make sure you feed your body with enough nutrients. When there are not enough calories coming in, your body compensates by saving energy. The body will start reducing body temperature by slowing the metabolism. It will also turn down digestive juices thus making digestion weaker. It will reduce blood flow resulting to weaker pulse. Lastly, your body will slow thyroid function, this can result to lack of energy and fatigue.  This is a built-in survival response by the body, to help you go longer on less food. This is especially helpful to help keep you alive in an emergency or famine. But on an everyday basis, this is a great recipe for weight gain. Make sure you fuel your body with enough nutrients especially if you are training hard. It surely helps to have a customized meal plan with the right amount of macros specific for your fitness needs. The next thing you want to do after you find your calorie intake or macros is to be consistent with eating those calories on a daily basis.


Start each day with the conscious effort of improving yourself by practicing the above steps. Having the objective of improvement entails that you’re taking small and painless steps to becoming a healthier you!



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