Ask a random person to show off their muscles, and I’ll bet my life, that person will surely flex his arms. Biceps plays an important function on our body they’re a bi-articular muscle, which helps control the movement of two joints – the elbow and the shoulder. Arm strength is very important (Plus the fact that biceps are indeed sexy in the eyes of women) especially for athletes, it will definitely help them maximize their performance. Below are our recommendation of exercise or routines for bigger biceps:

Bicep Curl – For mass

Bicep curls are the most common exercise for biceps, and it has been proven and tested that it is very effective in building the mass of your biceps.

How is it done?

Stand up, upright position. Feet apart for balance, palms facing forward. Grab a barbell –again palms facing up, grip should be a shoulder apart. Slowly raise barbell until it reaches your shoulder, make sure that you use your elbow and forearm muscles only. Repeat according to your goal.

Avoid leaning back for it will potentially cause a back injury.

Preacher Curl –For Shape

One of the effective arm exercises which will help shape your biceps, it targets the inner muscle of your biceps. It can be done standing or sitting on a preacher bench, or with a help of a preaching machine. It has a variation of single or both arms too. If you are tired and bored of the basic Bicep curl, you may want to add this exercise to your routine.

How is it done?

Sit on a preacher bench or a on a preacher machine, make sure that your feet are planted very well on the ground. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Hold the dumbbell or the machine, palms still facing up. Rest your arms into the pad, make sure that the torso is pressed onto the pad as well. Slowly curl up your arm until shoulder level, then gradually lower the dumbbell or the machine down, until your elbows and arms are fully extended. Repeat according to your goal.


Keep your shoulder relaxed, make sure it won’t move while you’re doing the routine.

Hammer Curl – For Fullness

This exercise has various ways to be performed, with dumbbell, barbell or with the machine. It can be performed basic, or with a twist toward your torso. Not only will it help you with your inner biceps but it helps with the lengh of your biceps for fullness. This exercise will surely complete your arm routine.

How is it done?

Sitting or standing up position – make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart especially when you are standing. Position both arms on side, this time palms are facing towards your torso. Grab a barbell or a dumbbell, hold it tight, thumbs toward the shoulder. Gently and slowly squeeze your muscle raising up until shoulder level, then slowly lower the dumbbell down. Repeat according to your goal.

You can do this by alternating your arms too.

Include these routines to your exercise to attain bigger biceps. Make sure that you do not cheat, as cheating is very easy and tempting with these exercises.

Muscles respond to time under tension so heavy weight is not necessarily needed.

 Always maintain a proper posture and do proper breathing to avoid injuries. Squeezing your muscle while doing (Arms and Abdominal) exercises will certainly help. Feel free to add a twist to these exercises, such as alternating arms, sitting or standing position, you may use a Yoga ball or a fitness ball too.